Badlands National Park, South Dakota

As my trip continued from Western Nebraska, I stopped through Wyoming for 2 days until heading Northeast into South Dakota. After completing most of my work, I found an evening to make the most of my location. Reviewing a map of destinations within driving distance, one stood out more than any other. Badlands National Park was in my sights and I wasn’t going to miss it. Visiting National Parks has always been a distant dream, but because of my work, I now can mark two off my list. Here are a few pictures from my perspective with limited time and conditions. Hope you enjoy…

There will come a time where I won’t be rushing through the park as fast as I can to race the sun for visibility. Excited thinking about the possibility to visit another National Park, wondering which part of the country may be next and what beauty in nature I will encounter.


7 thoughts on “Badlands National Park, South Dakota

    • Thank you so much! Glad you enjoy my ramblings and have to say I can’t wait to go back again to spend more time investigating this area. There is truely so much to see and nearby attractions, definitely worth the trip.

  1. Like how you’ve mixed in the landscapes with the wildlife images. Gives a broader sense of what’s there. And water! Who knew it was even around that place. Good job on a limited amount of time. Glad you got to visit. Consider applying for their artist in residence program for 2013.

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