Will I ever see Chimney Rock?

I love my job! I love what I do and who I help. Sometimes my work brings me to  locations I don’t normally travel. A couple weeks ago I was tasked to visit
Wyoming and South Dakota. Because of personal reasons I hadn’t had much time to  review exactly where I was going or what might cross my path. Totally unprepared  and even forgetting a road map (which I never leave without when driving long distances), I had no idea what was on the road ahead.

I have driven through western Nebraska on I-80 countless times, but never through the middle. Reflecting on a thought that crossed my mind many times in the past, “once again, going through western Nebraska and will miss Chimney Rock… AGAIN!”
Now realizing I was following the Oregon trail, my heart was pounding in excitement appreciating the historical significance surrounding, I wondered how close I might come to this illusive monument? Not too much further down the road I see a sign reading “Chimney Rock 12 miles”. (I don’t like to travel off course and known for not liking to stop for any reason what-so-ever) 🙂 Figuring it wasn’t a workday and I had time, maybe I will finally get to see what the hype is all about. My mind kicks into gear- “Oh no… I forgot my Atlas! Well I guess I will follow signs and hope I don’t get lost.” As I continue down the highway I start to see something that looks similar to what I would imagine Chimney Rock would be like! Maybe this isn’t as far off the highway as I imagined.

As the odometer keeps climbing closer to 12 more miles… this thing is literally right off the highway!

FINALLY…. my quest is fulfilled. I love to travel and take in history that has been around long before I was even a thought. Can you imaging travelling by horseback, discovering new territory?


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