Hello world!

My name is Michael with Nspired Photography. I am new to blogging and writing ‘of any sort’ for the public. The purpose of this blog is to share images of nature and portrait photography, travel experiences and photography related news- locally or internationally that might interest people in my digital world.   

Having a desire to move from the unknown weekend hobbyist to a more professional role seems a bit daunting. I am looking forward to sharing pictures and perspectives while hoping to intrigue the viewer of our beautiful world.

I am excited to spread my wings for the first time in this new environment. Standing on the edge of the nest, looking over a vast expanse with an anxious anticipation to take my first flight… Where we will go and what we will see, I’m not sure. What I do know is, it’s time to start my journey!

Thanks for joining along.


3 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. I am anxious to see the results of your mind’s creative eye as you develop and grow and capture the world with your own unique perspective. Stay Nspired!

  2. Very well-written Michael, you are a natural, not only at photography, but as a writer. Whatever you touch will turn to gold. Keep up the great work….and keep dreaming those awesome dreams, that only you can keep alive and realize. I read your entire blog, it was very enjoyable, you always have great stories to tell, I’m looking forward to more. The pictures are very captivating, did you take all of these pictures yourself, or a combination of yours, as well as pictures others have shared with you. I seen your invite to post pics, I may take you up on that. As always Michael, you are a true Nspiration.

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